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Shower Room Which Features Nov 03, 2016

With human social of constantly progress and development, life rhythm of speed up, people living of overall improve, let people on itself of clean health way pursuit more health, and comfortable, and shortcut of way, to put an end to such as skin, infectious disease of against, and can in short time within reached comfortable clean of effect; so, prompted shower this old of shower way to its health, and simple of advantages and for mass General by used, while contemporary consumers also on shower room proposed has more of function requirements.

1. wet and dry distinction function

Home improvement an increasingly upscale luxury while the toilet is also required to differentiate between dry and wet areas in wet area complete shower, does not affect the functionality of dry area, followed by mopping the floor and cleaning after each shower. Qigao bathroom shower water tightness strong, to avoid water leakage, ensuring the whole room quickly and extend the life of high-grade furnishings and bathroom furnishings. More humanized design towel bar and clean open boutique clothing store, finished shower makes you tired after all, clean dry and straight into the bedroom, shower is complete not "dragging its feet".

2. warm, safe function

Gas or gas water heaters involved in daily life, safety shower it well ventilated. Shower enclosure can be installed in the shower roof bathroom heater lamps, achieved in a well-ventilated case to ensure that the shower during the keep warm function. Meanwhile, shower room with hot and cold shock-resistant tempered glass is very strong, thus ensuring the quality and safety of the product itself, and is easy to clean, fresh and healthy.

3. the health care function

Competition of social, noise of city, kick of people, in day of tension work Hou, can has a private of space for tired of physical and mental provides completely of relax environment, tie multifunctional spent sprinkled, hot and cold alternating stimulus body function release work pressure, flow continuous high-speed impact and ease shower alternating stimulus, and reached capillaries of expansion and the contraction, body fitness, elimination fatigue of effect, feel home of comfortable and warm.