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Shower Room Production Line Of Non-standard Custom Quantization Is Critical Nov 03, 2016

Shower room different from other bathroom products, is that it cannot be standardized in line operations. Since the toilet area is different from consumers at home, its need to shower size natural specifications are different. A shower room, you need to collect different needs of our customers, by end-market feedback to the manufacturers, by manufacturers for their order. This circulation of cost and time are very obvious.

Non-standard customized production of the shower room, resulting in a higher price market situation. Many domestic manufacturers in the establishment of early attention to foreign markets, and now, with purchasing power in the domestic market increased, and foreign anti-dumping and the economic downturn has curbed exports, these enterprise challenges strategic, dig up the domestic market. It is understood that many domestic power Bastion is not intention to encroach on the shower room, but because for a long time the industry stumbled through lines of quantitative production. Now, with the close cooperation between regions, these enterprises are expected to learn from each other and achieve double development of win-win situation.

The other hand, the shower room to the old situation, making it more focused on product research and development excellence. User experience with sliding doors, the transparency of glass materials, alloy materials in compressive loading and so on have become areas where improvements are needed. If the customized products is the inevitable trend in the development of the industry, and shower industry efforts are bound to lay a solid foundation for future development.

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